Faster, fairer.

The existing carbon markets aren't moving fast enough to respond to climate change.

CLNK is a SaaS company, using Blockchain for digital data collection, CLNK unlocks a faster and fairer carbon market.

What is CLNK?

CLINK is developing the first blockchain-native carbon, opening up benefits across the market.

More transparency, quicker finance for project developers and instant access to the fast-growing on-chain' carbon market. 

Instead of waiting 18-24 months, projects can be verified in as little as 30 days, meaning more green projects across the world.

Carbon Credits Straight to market in 30 days

CLNK Verified Carbon is an automated verification software suite, allowing project developers to produce their carbon credits in as little as 30 days, whilst enabling anyone to verify and check the integrity of the credits.
This approach utilises Digital Measuring, Recording and Verification (DMRV) to create the first blockchain-native credits. 

Help accelerate the future of carbon credits

Decide on the future projects you believe in. This platform is designed to lower the barriers to entry for project developers, whilst ensuring that credits created are held to the highest standard. 

Gain access to a market that benefits you and the planet.

Our software allows you to create carbon credits and access a highly liquid market on Blockchain that is accessible to all.

Powerful features for solving real world challenges.

We are betting on the future value of Native Carbon Credits as an instrument to help halt climate change.


Making sure that the entire carbon credit creation process is transparent. Greenwashing is rampant. Permission-less blockchains are perfect antidotes.

Open infrastructure

Deploy a node on a Raspberry pi or AWS and use our code to support the building blocks of an ecosystem for native carbon projects.


With our software, it takes project developers months, not years, to launch their projects.


Transparent decision making from token holders to vote on the future of the project.

Low carbon impact

Built on Polygon our contracts are fast scalable and low carbon impact.

Digital measurement

Revolutionising traditional carbon markets through digital measuring, recording and automated, data-driven verification.

Be part of the open approach to carbon credits.